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Different beginner bloggers around us thinking that how they can grow their blog by promoting free of cost around internet. Here you learn What Are The Most Effective Ways To Promote Blogs

But they think that this is a easy and bulky process and with this mindset they start doing in spammy way.

Today in this blog we will tell you about how you can promote your blog if you are a beginner or about to start your blog in a real and legit way.

Comment On Blogs

We know that very less people will read description of any subheading but if you are reading then thank you very much.

Commenting is a very old form of marketing for blogging but some researchers told that this doesn’t work nowadays but We assure you this will work if you did in a correct way, not in a spammy way.

Follow these steps to make comment on others blog to make a legit and long term image of your blog –

1. Extract A List of the competitors of your blogs
2. Go and read blogs on their website
3. Comment below if comments are allowed
4. Always comment in a legit and authentic way that it feels like you read the blog completely and then you are writing a comment.
5. if there is an option for a link available then only put the link otherwise don’t try to put a link on with your content section of a comment.
6. Keep in your mind that your comment must be around 50-100 words for being legit and authentic.

Link Your Blog To Social Media

If you are a beginner then this is clear that you are only focusing on the content you want for your blog but you should also create social media account with the official name of your blog.

You can create following social media accounts –

1. Facebook Page
2. Instagram Account
3. Twitter Account
4. Pinterest Account

After creating an account and connecting with your blog you must regularly active in these social media account to drive traffic from social media to your blog.

Let’s mark following thing for promotion of your blog in any social media

1. Post regularly on those accounts
2. Comments on different competitors regular postings
3. Use live features and video section to promote your social media account

Correctly share link of your blog with content with your comment if it required to be attached with the blog but don’t share it in a spammy way (Saying again and again)


Always do the above two things not in a spammy way because if the user or Google algorithm feels that you are doing these comments and social media postings only for driving traffic to your blog then you will not going get any befit with this process.

Second things you must remember that this is not a one time process but this is a regular process to be done with the time and timing.
The third thing that always sticks with your niche and topic to perform the above tasks.

Don’t perform these activities in another niche because this will not give benefit and having more chance to lower down the growth of your blog.


If above two things are done in a corrected and well mannered way then you will start getting results in a short time.

Trust me dear, this way is legit and 100% working way to grow or promote your blog online without spending any money.

But in addition, We just want to add that introduce RSS Feed on your blog so that reader will get notification of the future blogs which you will publish on your blog. Hope you like our blog on What Are The Most Effective Ways To Promote Blogs

Thank you for reading this blog we will meet again in next blog till then bye.

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