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Domain Authority is a ranking metric that decides the quality of your website is also known as DA which was developed by Moz and predicts how well your website will rank in google search. DA is based on 4 factors Age, Popularity, and relevant backlinks of the website. Backlinks are very important for websites but especially for new websites with giving new website boost up in starting days. If you want to increase your website Domain Authority Here are some tips to increase the Domain Authority of your website.

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Create Amazing Content

We all know that content is the king for any website content is the most important factor that determines the quality of any website. If you provide quality and unique content on your website google crawler helps you to improve the Rank of your website. Always use quality and unique content on your website.

Do Quality Link Building

Link building is the basic and early process for any new website. it gives your website an early kick to rank on some keywords. Quality link building is very important for any website.

Make Your Website Load faster

The page speed of any website is a new SEO ranking factor. Peoples don’t like to wait for a page taking much time for loading. This is bad for any website whose load time is more and google also starts ignoring your website because of slow page speed. Always purchase fast WordPress hosting for good page speed and bring your page speed under 2 sec.

More Social Exposure

These days social media was playing a very important role to help you increase your Domain Authority. Make sure to make your website popular enough on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Social media will help you to reach more people and improve your Domain Authority.

Network With Other Bloggers

A good network plays a very important role for your website to improve the domain authority. Even if your website is having quality backing your website goes up and down. You need to get the support of authorized peoples in your niche. Make sure to make good relationships with peoples with your niche and help each other and grow together.

Develop a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile friendly is now a new trend in 2019. Nowadays the usage of smartphone is on the peak so cannot ignore the power of smartphones in today’s world. Google also follows mobile-first indexing in their Algorithm. So make your website easily associable on smartphones for improving your domain authority.

Optimize On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the basis of building domain authority, and it determines the niche of your website and what webpages offer.
when the crawler comes to your website, they read the On-page SEO parameter whether the particular website is capable to serve the user or not. Crawler matches your On-page SEO with search queries. If your website’s On-page SEO is relevant to your domain authority will be increased.

Purchase Expired Domains

Expiry Domain has high Domain Authority is always keeping an eye on auctions and you can grab the domain for your Business.
when your purchase expiry domain check whether the domain was old as your need because age plays a crucial role in your domain authority. The older the domain the higher its authority.

Maintain Frequency of Posting

Frequently does not mean that you post 3 articles per day. But when you post an article frequently it should provide value to the readers. keep publishing relevant and unique articles on your website. So it gradually builds the authority of your website.

Go for Blog Commenting

Blog posting is an old technique of SEO but it will help your website to build authority online.
keep reading the leading blog on your niche that have good engagement on the web. You can easily read their article and comment on it so it helps to engage the audience If your comment is genuine and useful. People may interact with your comment and comes to you
r website this will improve the traffic of your website and DA.

Never Stuff Unnecessary Affiliate Links

Nowadays google become very strict with the website which has irrelevant and misguiding affiliate or spammy links on it.
You can place promotional links but make sure that the link is relevant and adding value to users’ experience. Otherwise, your website looks spammy and may lose authenticity.

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You need regular study to apply trends insights on your website to keep improving Domain authority.
Improving Domain Authority cannot be done overnight. Hope you like our blog about Tips To Increase Domain Authority Of Your Website.

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