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We all know that blogging is a very rapidly growing company is now a day and people are getting toward this industry very fast.

Many people are making a career in this industry and earning a decent amount of four to six-figure income from their list of blogs they are operating.

But is sad that only 14% of bloggers are earning from their blog and the rest of 84% are only doing blogging for hobby or not getting any income from the blogging career till now.

The biggest mistake for those bloggers who want to earn money and make money from that is they are not considering blogging as a small business, they are considering their blog as only a money-making device.

Trust me, man, this will not work with blogging because if you want to succeed in blogging then you must treat this as a small business that must become big after some time.

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Make A Business Plan

If you are starting blogging as a business then it becomes necessary that you must have a written plan for your business.

Why do you need a plan for your blog?

This is because, when you are running a business then this becomes necessary and important that you have proper information about the supply and demand of your business.

You also need to define that what is your targeted audience for the blog which makes it easy to write content in future by targeting your audience.

Think beyond growing traffic. Traffic is going to be low for a bit and, with banner ads and Google AdSense boasting a dismal. 1% CTR average, you won’t survive with ads as your sole plan. Instead, answer a few key questions:

• How do you differentiate yourself?
• What demographics are you writing for?
• How are you going to make money?

Answers the above questions which will surely guide you about your blog startup and how you are going to make living with that.

Sell To Your Targeted Market

The audience comes to your blog due to some reason then make an eye on your blog statistic that which blog is performing better and why people are coming in that blog?

Building a business is not only copying from other successful blogs because this become easy to identify by your audience that “you are only writing for driving traffic to your blog not helping to us”.

Keep You Books Upto Date

Like contacts on the different monetizing platform, bookkeeping is also underestimated by different bloggers around markets which result in them about what they are earing and what they are investing.

Just keep track of different things whatever you make and spend, and what you’ve paid in taxes and fines on your blog as a business, and your business should stay out of trouble with different tax agencies in your country.

Love From Your Blog As A Business

If we talk about a blog as a business then this is a very personal type of business which termed that who you are and what you know.

You should be the face of your blog (Business) and market your blog and make a hard and legit image of your blog in the market by influence targeted people to grow your business.


From above all content, this becomes clear that you should consider your blog a business and perform all activity like a business with your blog.

Trust me there many unlimited ways to earn from your blog rather than google ads and affiliate marketing with your blog.

So make the presence of your blog in front of your audience to make more profit by helping them not only form the mindset of earning only.

Thank You!

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