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As we know that Instagram is growing with a formula one speed due to many new features available on the application like short videos, autosuggestion, etc.

Are you struggling with the proper legit method to increase followers for your Instagram account then this blog is only for you because we will discuss many methods which are good for your Instagram account to grow rapidly?

The secret you must know before diving into the blog that in this blog we will discuss some of the universal truth methods for increasing Instagram followers and one of my personal secret method for increasing Instagram followers then read the full blog to get that secret method or you can watch video attached with this blog.

Here in this blog, you will get two types of tips to increase Instagram followers

  • Universal Truth Method
  • My secret method for increasing Instagram followers

Universal Truth Method

As we all know that some rules of different social media are being made by the company which benefits the company and user too to make their account safe to use for themselves and for another person too.

So let’s discuss which rule you should follow if you want to increase social media followers for a long time and they are real and engaging followers for your Instagram account.

Completely Optimize your Instagram account

Before going to make a strategy for increasing followers on the Instagram account you must know that how to optimize your Instagram account for better engagement and people get to know after seeing your profile that “who are you?”

Because without an optimized Instagram account you cannot get more followers if you apply strategy which we will discuss later. Optimize your Instagram account properly with a proper name, bio, and link on your Instagram so that people will travel to your website or to the place where you have all details about you.

Keep consistent with a content calendar

If you are thinking that you will get followers by posting randomly on Instagram then you are absolutely “Wrong”. Because in starting you can get a small number of followers if you post randomly but after a time if you want to get continuous and engageable then you should have consistency with your theme and branding on your Instagram account

Schedule Instagram posts in advance

After a theoretical survey or study on social media stats that if you will post at a specific time of the day then you will get more engagement rather than posting content at any time.

This is not practically possible that you will surely available at that specific time to post your on your Instagram account then this will be achieved by scheduling your post in advance at a right time to get more engagement from your post.

Avoid Buying Instagram followers

There are many websites that sell Instagram followers please avoid this kind of Instagram followers which can be bought by paying a small amount of money to any mediator website.

We are saying to avoid this thing because those followers are most of the dead followers which are transferred to your Instagram account, they are only good to showcase that I have this much amount of followers not for real engagement and interaction with those brought followers.

Market You Instagram Everywhere

If you have your Instagram account then market that Instagram account to different places like on your YouTube channel, Facebook videos, visiting cards, website, cross-posting on different other social media accounts, links on other relatable websites, or by word of mouth to increase the reach and followers.

If you will not market your Instagram account to the different places around you then how you can able to get a free reach and growth of your Instagram profile?
And just ask that this kind of marketing is very much useful to get proper real followers.

Analyze What Your Followers Want

Before posting any content on your Instagram account you should have proper knowledge about your audience type and what they want to see on your Instagram profile then after you can proceed to create posts by keeping your audience in your mind and the need of your audience or think about that “What your audience want?”
If you are not able to get details about your audience then you can follow Instagram inside for having an overview to create a post accordingly.

Find Popular Converting Hashtags

Hashtag adds the best method to get more followers and engagement on your posted content. By choosing a proper hashtag according to your content then you will surely get growth with time.
You do not need to have a lot of hashtags for your content if you are posting on Instagram you just have a small number of hashtags that are most relevant for your content and use them repeatedly on your Instagram profile.

Make a list of hashtags for your profile if you want to grow consistently and in the correct direction according to your audience.

Don’t Be Boring And Make Your Audience Happy

If you’re posting anything on Instagram then you should keep in your mind that your post or content will not bore your audience, you should have funny or interesting content for your audience.
Because if you will post boring and content which do not drive any kind of
Engagement to your post then after some time you will start getting a very low amount of interaction of your audience to your posts which result in degradation of your profile growth

Write Descriptive Captions.

Nowadays is small and spammy captions Ave very much popular among different kinds of spammy Instagram accounts.
Instagram assumes that a post or a photo having a long-form of caption tends to be posted by an original creator.

If you want to grow on Instagram then you should have a long and attractive caption with any host you are going to put on your Instagram profile.

Develop Your Own Instagram Style.

Theming and branding of anything are very much important to catch the attention of anyone.
Before going to post anything on your Instagram account you should analyze different kinds of profiles related to your niche and then develop a unique and attractive theme for your upcoming post then start creating content for your profile.

Call To Action Is Very Important!

If you were posting anything on Instagram and do not give a call to action with that content then your content will be wasted for your business or for your personal branding.
So keep in your mind that there should be a call to action with your post on Instagram always.

My Secret Method For Increasing Instagram Followers

We know that the above techniques are somewhere useless if you are very new and not having any follower or only having very few followers.

For this issue, I personally follow this method for growing my Instagram account which works very fine and in a great way without harming any rule violation of Instagram account.
So, let’s get started and tell you about that important and 100% working method for growing Instagram followers and reach.
There are following repetitive process which you can follow for increasing your followers-

  • Make an attractive Instagram account like a premium one
  • Choose a city from where you want followers
  • Search that city on the Instagram search
  • Go to the location tab
  • Browse the latest post on those cities
  • Go to the people who liked those posts
  • Follow 40-45 people from those likes
  • After some time you will surely get some follow back from all those 40-45 Follow but remember one thing that does not follow more than 45 in one hour otherwise your account will be restricted to follow more people for some time but if you will do again and again to follow more than 50 people, in this case, your account can be terminated too.
    So you just have to follow a maximum of 45 per hours.
  • Then when you will get follow back then follow 45/hour followers of those accounts who follows you from your followers.

This is the only personal method from which anyone increases followers these can work well if your Instagram account looks good in everything.


In this blog, you got to know about two different methods for increasing Instagram followers if you want to work for a long time and want that those followers will retain for more time.

Because most of the people who use a different kind of tools on the Internet suffer from non-engageable always and they are mostly a dead follower so you can follow the above two methods for growing your Instagram account if you want real engagement and real followers.

If you have any doubt related to the above blog then you can comment below and we will happy to help you by giving a proper detailed solution for your problem.

Thank you!

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